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The Julian Paradoxes III

About the Julian Paradoxes III

A Julian paradox is a strange idea opposed to what is considered true to the general opinion.
It is also to consider paradoxical a proposition that appears to be false, or that infringes common sense. However, it does not necessarily entail a logical contradiction, as opposed to a sophism.

The latter, usually only appears to be a reasoning of clear validity. Some paradoxes are apparently valid arguments. These start from seemingly true premises. But, they lead to contradictions or situations contrary to common sense. It is applied in rhetorical plastic.

Inside the Julian Paradoxes III

This is, therefore, a figure of thought that consists in using expressions or phrases that imply contradiction. Thus, paradoxes are a stimulus for reflection. That make sense in the Julian Paradoxes III. Also, you can read the impermanent nature of the things.
In particular, I am amused by philosophical thought and use it to reveal the complexity of reality. Therefore, it applied here in the general topic on permanent health. On the other hand, his method strips us naked by demonstrating the limitations of human understanding and the falsehood of our illusions.

Inside the Julian Paradoxes III


“If the constituents of the physical body were created from an immortal substance – pure and unmixed -. Then, the resulting physical body have to be immortal, and its essential content would ultimately dissolve into eternity”.

If we were made in the “image and likeness of the Creator”: then, what contradiction do we get from this statement?

The Julian Paradoxes III in 3 dimensions:

1- Our body suffered modification at one time. Maybe still in real time…

Time remains a mystery. Because of the inaccuracy of the facts and the “tight tale” that we come from the monkeys is inconsistent in its entirety. We become the “modern man” through a long evolutionary process, by which, paradoxically, human antibodies and the Immune system repeatedly fails in most humans. It is also inconsistent.

It is also resulting in a fatal duration of human life of approximately 100 years. In addition, in those 100 years full of pains -due virus, bacterias, etc- and diseases in a manner designed and inconsistent. That we do rather support the thesis of successive modifications of DNA and the limited structures of mind. Understanding us as fools, who live in an experimental extensive department in the planet called “Earth.”

2 – 
Our creators are also mortal or maybe they are not

Maybe, they have only interest to create and modify the human limiting it for purposes of slavery and servitude. Of course, for nothing that we are immortal. Because we would be gods like them. That is, the fear that we would supplant to them. That will be the vision of a space colonizer – somehow which is not desirable for any creator of their anthropomorphic monkeys. From which, presumably, the present humanity comes.

Unless, we become something they wish in such a case, as it seems happened in the past colonizations, intentionally vetoed by the imperative consensus of world domination: the “creators”.

Understanding what happend

It is the only way of understanding, in my opinion, that such creators want us malleable, dependent and unhealthy. That is, because everything that happens in humanity starting from the complexity of human drama throughout history: blood, dominion, death, insecurity, sacrifices. Further, it had to start from themselves in a distant past.

It is evident that the inner resources of the human being impose, necessarily and by the urgency of the human spirit, stages of joy, happiness, reputation, blessings, comfort, pleasure, freedom experiences, health, etc.

3– Everything that is born dies

Everything that is born dies. That seem be unfortunately truth. 

If we try to keep us healthy, then after the time, it remains a justified but irremediable dissatisfaction that something was annulled and transgressed inside us. Such a statement engages us in the complex drama of human existence on our world.

Third step: Only by clearing the mind of past bindings and imposed adjustments can we find a suitable but sometimes painful way of staying on the middle path of permanent health.

Seek the good side of our existence and tap into our inner resources for a lasting well-being and a full body of energy. Everything depends on the liberation of that mental particle that produces separateness among human beings.  But, it produces also distances between us from the real feeling of peace and bliss.

More about the Julian Paradoxes III

All these states and situations are temporary configurations.  The struggle to preserve these states and gifts have meant that humanity has become an unbalanced despotism between rich and poor, hungry and gluttonous, ruthless, liars and fools, between servilies and hatreds, wars and racial hatred.

That is from one High perspective maybe meaningless. Due, we are all “apparent” physical tissues of the same substance in space and time.  Because of, the drama of birth, limited life and death unfold within the great world experiment.

This leads us to be selfish and impels us to the cold idea of taking advantage.  In some way, of the irremediable created as a container of the spirit. Those who possess it: the human body, or the complex variety of human life forms that are all experimental physical forms. Consecuently, immersed in the evolutionary process.

Furthermore, the “creators” diminished in many spiritual powers and in others they sowed. That is, the bifurcations of dual paths through the particle mind to provoke separateness. Such fact create in the human being: drama, cause and destiny. It is, according to the decisions that we decide in our life. But, more times, forced by the circumstances and irremediable without apparent justice.


with love